Why Your Life Would Be Better With Your Very Own Personalized Coasters

Coasters come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. There are glass coasters, wooden coasters, ceramic coasters, and the list is endless. And, all of them can be personalized to meet your specifications.

Wooden Personalized Coasters GCoasters have been around forever protecting our furniture’s surfaces from the condensation of cold drinks to the heat of the hot ones. When shopping for coasters it’s important to keep in mind what room they are going to be in. There are various styles and color options as well as different materials.

Coasters act as a bit of an accessory to any room. They are there for functions but also can add a splash of color or texture to the room. They can be great conversation starters as well.

The inspirational or funny saying coasters can make one think or laugh. There are sets that match, while other sets are a common theme, but don’t match exactly. And, there are so many various designs and styles to choose from.

Where did “Coaster” Come from?

Coasters began in Germany as beer mats. This shouldn’t come to any surprise as the German’s are known to love their beer. They were found in pubs and often had advertising on them. They were also used around the world where they were made from slippery materials such as glass and people go slide the bottle of wine or whatever was on them to the next person. Hence, the name “Coaster” as they coasted the beverages on them.Coaster

Many are made of absorbent materials such as unglazed porcelain, cork, or cardboard to name a few.

These materials will absorb the condensation that is dripping from the cold beverages. These can also be used to protect the furniture’s surfaces from hot beverages as well. And, for hot beverages, the absorbency isn’t so important. These coasters can be made of glass or resin. And, they can all be personalized to your liking. Many glass coasters can be personalized using a vinyl machine.

Have Fun with Coasters

A vinyl machine is something a simple as a home cutting machine that follows the computer’s directions. These are used by crafters all the time to make unique coasters, shirts, hats, mugs and so much more. There are also screen printing options that work well on glass, resin, tile and many of the substrates found in the coaster market.

fun personalized coastersGetting a personalized coasters can be a very unique gift idea. Something such as “Brett’s Bar” would be a nice touch to a home bar. Or even coasters for a wedding event. There are many levels of personalization as well as min. order quantities. It really is only limited to your imagination.

Not a graphics person? This isn’t a problem at all. There are many freelance graphic designers out there that can design something up according to your description. They will send you the file of which you just need to send in for your very own personalized coaster set.

Getting a personalized set of coasters is fun and affordable. The process is easy and they will certainly be a hit at your next gathering.


So, now that you learned a little more about coasters, come check out my favorite coaster set because they can be bought it various quantities and have different styles as well!


Monogram Wood Coasters for Drinks – Personalized Wedding-Gifts, Bridal Shower-Gifts (Set of 4, Jenson Design)

Monogram Wood Coasters for Drinks - Personalized Wedding-Gifts, Bridal Shower-Gifts (Set of 4, Jenson Design)


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