Why Most of Our Coaster Lovers Choose Pallet Coasters

Coasters are used to protect our furniture from that sweating cup. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as themes. Coasters are functional and important to many, however, they can be fun as well.

Choose Pallet CoastersOffering coasters to guests is easy with some of the coaster options as they come in a nice box that allows you to store them right on the table top. Coasters have a variety of designs and styles to choose from.

It never fails, you have a pile of coasters sitting on the table just ready for use and a person doesn’t bother. Guests for some reason don’t always think to use a coaster. However, offering the guest a coaster isn’t a hard task, a bit infuriating one at times, but some people just don’t think. If you have a set of coasters that are as pretty as your table, maybe they don’t want to mess them up? Why not look at these pallet coasters instead.

Everyone knows that pallets are used for working. And, well, that’s what your coasters are doing, the work of protecting your table and furniture.

Use Pallet Coasters

Coasters are at the same level of respect as taking your shoes off at the door. It’s just simple common sense, especially if they are sitting right there. However, many people simply look past them. Ensure your coasters are easily seen and put them in the center of the table, should you know that your guests are arriving.

And, coasters can be fun and whimsical as well as functional. Just look at the pallet coasters, they are super cute mini replicas of the industrial pallet. Pallets are used for so many things, besides, loading up product to be distributed.

Have you ever been on Pinterest? Go there and search “Pallet” and you’ll be amazed at all the various things made from pallets. Some people are even disassembling them and lining their home’s walls.

Save the Furniture

For example, pallet wood is used for sign making, decorative designs, and flower pots. The wood has been used as flooring or slat wall for the interior of homes. Pallet wood is extremely versatile and apparently, so are the pallet designs, as you see here. Pallet coasters take the look of the regular pallets in a much smaller form.

pallet wood coasterPallets are typically made of wood or plastic. The boast the design found in these coasters due to the strength of the structure. Pallets are designed to carry large loads in the industrial sense. How the wood is stacked allows for this strength and the same holds for the coasters as well.

If you are looking for a conversation piece, a wooden pallet coaster may be just the thing. Not only to speak of how cute they are but maybe strike up a conversation on why your guests should use coasters in your home, in the nicest of ways possible, of course.

Coasters are your hero, saving your furniture one piece at a time. And, they are great for any home and pallet coasters are no different.


So, now that you learned a little more about coasters, come check out my favorite coaster set because it comes with an entire tray along with your coasters!


Juvale 6-Pack Mini Wooden Pallet Beverage Coasters for Hot and Cold Drinks

Juvale 6-Pack Mini Wooden Pallet Beverage Coasters for Hot and Cold Drinks


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