Why These Funny Coasters Are the Best You’ll Find

Funny sayings are all around us in this day and age. They are everywhere from our social media pages to our mugs. And, well the coaster industry is no different.

Funny Coasters sayingsGet your cheeky saying put onto your personalized coaster, should you have a favorite. There are sayings such as “Vodka is happy water for fun people.” that just need a place in your life. Or simple things such as “Lake Life” is a popular, but less funny saying.

There are all kinds of sayings that can be personalized up on coasters or you may even find them here, already done for you.

Coaster sets come in a variety of options from the various materials to the different designs. There truly is an option that is right for you and your home. Should you not have coasters yet, you will certainly be in for a fun treat. There are many guests that will have to be told to use them.

Coaster Lover’s Unite

Apparently, not everyone is fun-loving coaster people like us, imagine that!? Using coasters is, well, basic manners.

Coaster Lover's UniteHowever, somewhere in the generations, this manner has been lost. If you have guests that barge in and make themselves at home with feet on the furniture and shoes not left at the door, you are going to have an awakening. They most likely will not take kindly to your new coaster obsession.

Coasters were first designed by the German’s and were call beer mats. Well, that should be any surprise, as the German’s do like their beer. They were made to be put under it and help absorb any condensation that formed on the outside of the glass.


Coasters because they Slide

Over time, other cultures were putting things under their both hot and warm drinks and sliding them around on the tabletops as if they were passing them from one person to the next. This sliding gesture is how the word “Coasters” came about. Typically these would be made of glass or something that would slide better than cork.

The materials of the coaster will determine when the coaster should be used. Materials such as glass and resin should be used for hot drinks, as they don’t absorb the condensation of cold drinks as well. And, cork, unglazed ceramic, or cardboard substrate are best for the cold drinks.


Funny Sayings Coasters

Funny sayings on the coasters can be a great start to a conversation. If you are a bar owner or business owner, getting some fun and inspirational sayings is always a bonus as well.

However, if you are the witty type, well, a funny saying coaster may be, just your thing. Getting your guests off to a great start with a coaster that says “Use this F*ing Coaster” may be appropriate. Something that is straight to the point but fun at the same time.

Of course, there are some nicer funny sayings such as “Tea Drinkers make better Thinkers”. We are sure you get the point. Find a funny saying that definitely is a definition of you.


So, now that you learned a little more about coasters, come check out my favorite coaster set because they are straight forward, funny as shi* and damn certain to make your guests use them!


Don’t Fuck Up The Table Bamboo Unique Drink Coasters | Set of 4 with Holder | Funny Housewarming Gift

Don't Fuck Up The Table Bamboo Unique Drink Coasters | Set of 4 with Holder | Funny Housewarming Gift


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