Why These Cool Coasters Have To Be A Part of Your Life

Having cool coasters is just who you are. You are a coaster lover and very few appreciate the amazing coaster designs there are out there.

However, you are not one of those people. Coasters are something you love and cherish. They are not just an accessory to your tabletop but are used and save your tabletop as well.

Coasters have been around for centuries. It is said that they started out in Germany with beer mats. We all know how the German’s love their beer.

However, they noticed the rings on the furniture were not that appealing. These “beer mats” were placed under the mugs to help with that very problem. The term “beer mat” was too long for many to have it stick for something so simple as the coasters.

Another group of people was using these under the drink objects to slide drinks back and forth across the table. This lazy method of passing around drinks lead to people calling this thing a coaster and it stuck.

Cool Coaster Designs

cool coaster designsThere are many cool coaster designs available. And, they go with just about any decor. Coasters are great for protecting your table and can use to on top of the drinks as well. Putting them on top discourages any bugs from flying in. This is perfect for that nice cold drink on the porch.

Finding cool coasters has never been easier. With all of our various selections to choose from. There are fun and unique saying coasters, coasters that are plain and simple and wild artsy coasters. So, there should be something for everyone.

Coaster Gifts!!

Coasters make great gifts as well as a gift for yourself. If you are looking for gift options for someone that is really hard to buy for, try a set of nice coasters and pair them up with a set of nice mugs.

Or give them just for a laugh, since there are funny saying coasters as well and they are very economical.

Personalized Coasters

Personalized coastersPersonalized coasters can be super fun and cool as well. These can be made to just about any specification and they are perfect gifts.

Have someone that just built an at-home bar? Get them a coaster that has their new bar name on it. Getting fun gifts such as personalized coasters shows that you care and you are thinking about them.

Conversation Starters

Fun coaster designsFun coaster designs not only come from custom designs but are in the pre-made section as well. Just about every funny saying and meme, you can think of will be offered in a pre-made. These coasters are meant as conversation starters. These are perfect coasters for those coffee lovers as well as hot tea drinkers.

Are you seeing that there are a bunch of cool coaster ideas?

Yes, there are coasters with just about every theme from plain Jane basic wood to coasters loaded with kittens, puppies, and fun sayings. Surely, there is a coaster set for everyone.


So, now that you learned a little more about coasters, come check out my favorite coaster set because they are very unique and have many different styles that stand out!


New Large 3” Absorbent Ceramic Car Cupholder Coasters Set of 2 – Split Wood

New Large 3” Absorbent Ceramic Car Cupholder Coasters Set of 2 – Split Wood


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