Why it’s Important to Have the Best Bar Coasters for Your Business

Bar Coasters are a great way to advertise. After all, people are out to have a great time. So, having a coaster that is fun and interesting will certainly engage the clientele.

Coasters are great for keeping the bar from getting overly wet and drinks sliding all over. They prevent the need for so many napkins and actually cut down on the overhead. These coasters should be made of absorbent material, often times of a thick cardboard material that will absorb the moisture from the cold drinks without leaving a sloppy napkin mess.

Bar owners could even sell these coasters as advertising space. Bar’s sell advertising on the side of glasses, of which it’s pretty hard to read, so why not a coaster?

Coasters are there even after the drink is gone and they are easily thrown in a purse or pocket. Something such as a taxi service would certainly get some benefit out of a coaster ad late into a night.

When patrons ready to go and realize they shouldn’t be driving, grabbing a cab has never been easier, as your coasters will have the cab number right on them.


Use Bar Coasters as Advertisements

Advertising for the various brands of beer that is sold in the establishment is another way to peak the interest of patrons. After all, if the coaster has a nice design to it, people might want to just try what is on the coaster.

Coasters come in a variety of designs, styles, and materials. They make your establishment look a little more classy than that of wet napkins.

And, if you sold them as advertisements, as a bar owner, they would be very cost effective. If your client doesn’t have a design, get them one! There are many freelance graphic artists out there that would certainly be able to help. Bar coasters should be fun and many people actually collect them as well. Often times they can be reused if they didn’t get all wet from the previous drink. They are simple to order online and have them come right to your door.

cool Bar CoastersIf you are looking for a way to sop up the condensation, bar coasters are certainly the answer. They allow guests to enjoy their drinks without becoming a drippy mess as the coasters are absorbent.

Many bars have these style of coasters to allow guests to enjoy their time out. The coasters are very absorbent and don’t allow the drinks to sit in their own sweat, which allows guests to stay dry when having a drink.

If you are in the bar industry, you know how people play with and mess with these bar coasters. So, naturally, having them be a bit of advertising is the best answer. Getting your patrons coasters and getting your advertising clients seems like a win/win for every bar owner.

After all, the best bar coasters are the ones that you don’t have to pay for. And, they improve your guest’s experience. You simply cannot go wrong with bar coasters.


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Crafkart Puzzle bar Drink Coasters/Trivet Natural Wood Set of 4


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Fuhaieec 50pcs 2.8-3.2″ (Thickness:1cm) Unfinished Natural Wood Circles

Fuhaieec 50pcs 2.8-3.2" (Thickness:1cm) Unfinished Natural Wood Circles


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