Why Wood Slice Coasters Could Be Exactly What You Need

Coasters aren’t in every home, however, when they are present they should be used. This is the biggest complaint of coaster lovers everywhere. Please, show some respect and use a coaster in a coaster lover’s home.

These coasters are there to provide the furniture with protection from sweating glasses and cups. It puts a barrier between the bottom of the glass and the furniture. It is used to prevent those cup rings that appear after a glass or cup has sweat and the water has sat.

These amazing inventions come in a variety of designs. However, there are so many options when looking for a new set of coasters it can become overwhelming.

Some coasters have funny or inspirational sayings, others have a fun rustic look such as the wood slice coasters. And, there are all types of materials that the coasters are made out of plastics to glass, wood slice and ceramic.

Coaster Materials

Wood slice coasters are a great option for those that are looking for a rustic look. Wood slice coaster will absorb the moisture just as your furniture would. This allows the coaster to not sweat itself as some can.Wood slice coasters

If you have a coaster that is glass or other non-absorbing material, the moisture can build up to the point that it will run over. When this happens there really isn’t any protection to the wood underneath as the coaster is now getting the furniture wet. Coasters that are made of glass or plastic that don’t have any sort of lip around the edges can lead to this issue.

The ceramic options, if unglazed, will absorb the moisture as well. These moisture absorbing materials are perfect for protecting your furniture.

Coasters come in a variety of designs as well as materials. There are some that are fun and whimsical designs such as the pallet wood coasters. And, other coasters that have a great rustic feel and look about them. The wood slice coasters offer this rustic wooden feel.


Use Coasters!

Every coaster lover understand the irritation that occurs when guest refuse to use the coasters. We all have been through it, explaining and suggesting the use of a coaster to our guests. One would think that using a coaster would be a simple thing similar to taking your shoes off at the door.

colored wooden coasters for loversWe want our guests to enjoy our home without destruction. However, not everyone, gasp, use coasters in their homes, and it’ll be very apparent when the guests arrive.

To try to avoid this, have the coasters out in easy to see the area, such as the middle of the coffee table. This will make them easy to grab and hand out, should the guests not take one. And, it will make them easy to see for the guests as well.

Many coasters will come with a nice table top holder to keep them all in one spot. These are handy to have the coasters out and displayed for everyone to use.


So, now that you learned a little about wood sliced coasters, come check out my favorite coaster set because it looks amazing!


16 Pcs 3.5″-4″ Natural Unfinished Wood Slices Circles with Bark for Coasters DIY Crafts Christmas Ornaments Rustic Wedding Decorations

16 Pcs 3.5"-4" Natural Unfinished Wood Slices Circles with Bark for Rustic Decorations


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