Why So Many Coaster Lovers Love A Plain Wooden Coasters

Plain wooden coasters are a top pick for many coaster lovers. They are simple in design and effective to a point. Wooden coasters don’t absorb as much as unglazed ceramic or other natural stone.

However, they have a bit of a softer feel to them. There are all kinds of wooden coasters but the best ones are the ones that house the drink inside the coaster. These have lips or edges that will contain the sweaty runoff from a cold drink and stop it from getting onto the furniture. Which, well is the point of having coasters, to protect your furniture.

The Origin of Coasters

Plain Wooden CoastersCoasters were first introduced to the world in Germany. Yes, the engineering mecha of the world, and apparently the coaster inventors. Coasters were used to stop hot drinks from ruining the furniture. They were also placed on the top of the drinks to prevent bugs from contaminating the drink. Or this up top placement would tell the waitstaff that the customer wasn’t done with the drink.

In Germany, they were called beer mats, as they would often times be well, under the beer. Most of them were made of water absorbing cardboard like substance that will work well for writing notes on too. They typically have advertising on them and come sporting logos of the various beers served at the establishment.


Plain Coasters for Sale

The coasters of the modern day haven’t really changed much. However, they are made of just about anything and have a vast array of designs available as well.

The people in history would probably use them more often than not. But in recent years there are many that seem to go without using them, gasp. Yes, there are a group of people that seemed to have missed the memo on how cool it is to use coasters.coasters simple design

Well, how rude it is to visit someone’s home and not use them? This is the same level of rudeness as not taking off your shoes when entering another person’s home. This gesture should go without saying. However, if you have guests over and they completely ignore your pile of coasters, try to be kind and suggest one.

We are not sure why people ignore the neat stack of coasters. However, we are certain that these savages need to be taught proper etiquette of coaster rules. Coasters are designed to protect your tabletop surfaces from the condensation of cold drinks or the burning of hot drinks.

They are made from a variety of materials and come in all shapes and sizes.

Wooden coasters are often a very simple design. Many are a flat disk that can be sanded and polished. These are great for hot drinks. However, without a lip or edge, they won’t collect the water properly and can be pointless for cold drinks that have a lot of condensation.

For the cold drinks, wood does work, with a lip or a cork style center that can absorb the moisture coming off the side of the cup.


So, now that you learned a little about coasters, come check out my favorite coaster set because it comes with non-slip foam dots!


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Wood Coasters - 12-Pack Unfinished Square Wood Coasters with Non-Slip Foam Dot 3.7 x 3.7 x 0.4 Inches


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