Wooden Coasters for Life Cover

Why Your Coaster Loving Life Needs Some Wooden Coasters

You know who you are. Being that proud member of the coaster loving team you understand the importance of protecting your furniture. You know that taking your shoes off when visiting other people’s homes is a gesture of respect. And, that using the coasters they have on their tables is only natural.

However, not everyone shares your love and passion for coasters, which you are probably more than well aware of. These rude people come into your home, shoes and all.

They not only don’t use the coasters but get a bit snobby when asked to. And, why, to confuse you? Disrespect you? Don’t take it personally, it was probably their upbringing and well, coasters aren’t in everyone’s lives as they certainly should be, especially the wooden types.

We love wooden coasters!

They come in all kinds of various different wooden designs and are simply amazing. They protect the furniture from hot beverages and are really best with hot beverages as they are not absorbent as other options for the cold beverages and condensation.

However, they can have cork or something embedded into the wood that would help with this issue.


Coasters Make Great Gifts

Coasters aren’t just made of wood but of all sorts of other materials.

There are cork, resin, glass, tile and natural stone to name a few. These coasters are all made to protect the furniture but also are accessories to any room. They can be used as a conversation piece, a splash of color or add texture to a design. They come with a variety of different sayings as well. There are fun sayings as well as inspiring sayings. Coasters can be personalized and make great gifts.

The love for wooden coasters is something that many people share. These come from various woods and are simply beautiful, elegant and amazing. The grains in the wood and the different natural tones are perfect for those that love the rustic look.

And, the wooden coaster can be engraved and personalized as well. They are amazing little accessories as well as functioning vessels used to protect the furniture.

Some coasters come with a holder, which is a nice feature for storage and many come matching. However, oftentimes, they don’t match exactly but are a common theme. And, there are all kinds of designs and themes to choose from.

Coaster Usage

The word “Coaster” came from people using wooden or more commonly glass coasters to pass drinks from one person to the next at the table. These little guys have been used over the years in many very different ways.

Depending on the materials, you will also find them in commercial settings such as bars and restaurants. These commercial coasters are usually made of cardboard and have various advertising on them. They are sometimes collected by the patrons because of their very unique and fun designs.

Getting the perfect wooden or another style coaster has never been easier. Coasters are for sale in a variety of designs and a vast selection to choose from. They are not only fun to have but certainly fun to shop for. There are whimsical coasters, industrial designs, serious designs as well as some fun sayings and quotes.

There are so many coaster designs that we are sure you will love the selection.

There are all kinds of coasters that you can get, find the ones you are most interested in below:

Don’t forget to check out a few videos on some really cool Do-It-Yourself coaster making!